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Farmers Market Grocery Pannier
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Farmers Market Grocery Pannier

Product ID: Farmers-Market-Shopping-Pannier
Description: The Farmers Market Pannier is the newest member of our lite commuter bags for riding down to the store or for light shopping trips. It has most of the same features, a standard paper grocery sack fits perfectly inside or, better still, it can be thrown over your shoulder and carried inside the store with its 2" shoulder strap or carrying handles for use as a shopping bag. Its symmetrical design and versatile, low-tech bungee mounting system allow it to be mounted on either side of your bike and make it easy to get the bag on and off your rack. There is a three-pocket daisy chain stitched at the bottom of the suspension system so that you can adjust the bag farther to the rear for greater heel clearance, or closer to the bike's center if you so desire.

When not in use the bag can be folded up and secured out of your way by a pair of snaps on webbing tails. When you are ready to carry a load, be it groceries or briefcase, simply pop the snaps, attach the webbing tails to the snap heads on the back of the frame sheet to keep them out of your spokes, and load up.

The Farmers Market is a solid bag and comes with a lite rain hood, which also helps keep items from bouncing out on turbulent journeys. The bag has 2 carry handle versus the 1 on the original Grocery Pannier. The bag also has reflective loops sewn to both sides so a blinky-light can be attached. Finally we added a nice outside pocket, which does not get folded into the bag when closed. It is roomy and can easily carry a wallet, keys, glasses, a phone and a lot more.

Optional Rain-Covers
Mounting Instructions For Grocery Type Pannier
Adjusting The Bungee


Volume: 1294 ci/ 21 ltr , Plus Pocket 100 ci/1.6ltr
Weight: 36.5 oz/ 1.03 kg
Dimensions: 11.75 x 12.75 x 7.75 (in) 30 x 32 x 20 (cm)
Mesh Color: Black
Material: Dupont Cordura®
FIELD NOTES: When attempting to fit a Grocery Pannier, Famers Market or Economy Pannier on an extra tall rack, you have three options: 1) dump it and buy a Jandd rack; 2) add an extra "S" hook or two to the one supplied ("S" hooks can be found at any hardware store); or 3) contact the Jandd Factory for a longer replacement bungee (we will need your rack's attachment length).
US PATENT# 4,662,548

Price: $95.00
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