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Shock Cord Rivet Repair & Adjustment

Shock Cord Rivet Attachment

This two-part piece rarely breaks. (Pic 1) on a Grocery Pannier. We sell this part in sets, the barrel & the rivet. This part is used on the following bags:

  • Grocery bag Pannierx
  • Commuter Briefcase Pannier
  • Commuter Garment Pannier
  • Commuter Panniers
  • Police Utility & Clipboard Panniers
  • Economy Panniers
  • Mountain Wedge IIIx
  • Mountain Handle Pack II
Pic 2 - Flathead screwdriver Pic 2 - Flathead screwdriver twisted

To disassemble this unit:

1) Take a flat head screwdriver and wedge it between the barrel and the rivet. (Pic 2) Once wedged in twist the screwdriver causing further separation. (Pic 3)

2) Pull the barrel off and twist the bungee out. (Pic 4-5)

To assemble this unit:

1) Slide Barrel onto Bungee (pic 5)

2) Twist Bungee (1/4" or 6mm) through rivet, so that the bungee comes through the tunnel hole at least 1/8" or more. (pic 4) (I.e. it should be sticking out the end with the screw hole.

3) If the bungee is frayed use lighter to singe. (Pic 6)

4) Pull the barrel down over the rivet causing the teeth to engage. You will need a pair of pliers to do this step.(Pic 7)

Shock cord attachment barrel separated Shock cord attachment barrel off Shock cord, lighter shock cord barrel with pliers

NOTE: It is important to know how to do this so you can adjust your bungee if it is too loose. You can always take up some slack if you understand these instructions.


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