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Book Packs & Day PacksKatahn Bookpack, Joshua Kids Pack, Sheleg Bookpack, Moreh Bookpack, Aretz Daypack, Admon Bookpack, Computer Adaptable Pack (CAP)
Mid-Size BackpacksTozi Kletter, Mogen Daypack, Noah Tec Pack, Har Lite Packer, Zoor Alpinist, Selah Approach Pack, Masah Day Sack
Mini Packs and Diaper bagsDavar Diaper Bag
Shoulder Bags & BriefcasesShana Shoulder Bag, Talmid Convertible Briefcase, Esek Briefcase, Gabriel Messenger Bag, Computer Adaptable Pack (CAP)
Hurricane Messenger PacksAndrew Messenger Bag, Iniki Messenger Bag, Maximum Shoulder Pad, Computer Adaptable Pack (CAP)