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For years we received at least one call or letter every week asking if we made dog packs (the fact that our canine mascots appear on all of our hang tags wearing the bags may have something to do with this). Once we had the bags on the market we received our only hate mail in 13 years of making packs. The unsigned note (from a vocal animal activists group) was written in an irate scrawl, "carry it yourselves! wimps!" it said. We hope this was not a trend so we started a file called "hate mail". Happily there is only one letter in that file. At JANDD our thinking is that if your dog could speak and had the option between going to the kennel for a week or going backpacking with the family, most would choose the latter, with some expletives relating to the sanity of their owner for even considering the doggie motel option.

Field Notes & Fitting:

After you have chosen the proper size pack for your dog, you will need to determine the correct length of each webbing strap.  Make sure to double the lose end back through the corresponding slip-lock buckle to lock it in place.  Excess webbing can be cut and the webbing ends melted with flame.  Make sure to leave at least a 2 inch webbing tail.  We recommend getting the dogs used to the packs by filling them with light loads and going for short walks on familiar terrain. As for how much weight a particular dog should carry, we recommend consulting your veterinarian. Until you have the vet's recommendation, we suggest not exceeding 10% of the dog's weight.

Much to our surprise, we have been receiving more and more reports, mostly from the pacific northwest of goats using Jandd dog packs.  We think this is a great idea as long as they travel on land where grazing is allowed.  Goats, it appears, are more sure-footed than dogs, will carry more weight, don't chase rabbits or jump into lakes, and will eat practically anything, sorry Fido.  Of course, when it comes to companionship and who makes a better foot warmer next to the campfire at the end of the day, we think dogs are the hands down winners.