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Police Gear Rain Cover

Police Gear Rain Cover

Product ID: FRC-PRRP
Description: All Police packs have optional rain covers. The covers are bright safety yellow and come with generous amounts of 500-candle-power 3m Reflective-tape. The covers are all seam sealed and have hook sewn to them so the Agency patch can be affixed. The covers do not come with patches. Most departments use the patches from the inner pack, but optional patches are also available.

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink... Used to be you heard this witticism about stranded sailors, but now it's just about true everywhere. But we are not here to discuss ways to purify sea water, this is an honest discussion about rain and packing your bags. For seventeen years we have been a proponent of double-bagging the packs: it is a simple, cheap, and effective way to waterproof clothing and valuables. Just line your pack with a garbage sack, tie it off and you're on your way. The garbage sack can also function as an emergency poncho in a bind: just pop your head and arms through the bag.
Another simple step to take is seam sealant. The materials in all our products are waterproof; the coatings we use are the heaviest in the industry, so all you have to do is seal the seams. However, water can still weasel its way through zippers and holes. The solution for most people, if they are not into double-bagging or using waterproof panniers, are of course rain covers.
When we finally decided to make raincovers, we went all-out. All the seams are taped, along with all through holes, so the raincover side is completely waterproof. Water can work its way into the opening of the cover, but the chances of it penetrating the pack or bag before gravity pulls it to the bottom and out the drain hole are slim to none. Further, we decided for safety to make all raincovers bright yellow, and to include 8910 3MTM ScotchliteTM Reflective Material for 180-degree visibility (most other raincovers lack this important safety feature, so do not be surprised if ours cost a bit more).

Please note that the price shown reflects the price of a single rain cover for a police rack pack. The prices vary depending on size and if they are sold singularly or in pairs. Please select bag type for the difference in price

Price: $25.95 Estimate Shipping
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