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Mounting Instructions
Economy, Grocery & Commuter Briefcase Panniers

Attachment and removal of the Grocery, Economy and Commuter Briefcase Panniers is very easy. Simply align and attach hook to the bottom of the rack (Pic. 1). Pull up on pannier and attach two hooks to top of rack (Pic. 2). Repeat on other side. Sit on your bike seat with your feet on the pedals. Rotate backwards until you have at least 1/2 to 1 inch of clearance between your heel and the front of the pannier. If you need more clearance attach the bottom and top hooks further back on the rear rack. There is a three-pocket daisy chain stitched at the bottom of the suspension of these panniers so that you can adjust the bag farther to the rear for greater heel clearance, or closer to the bike's center if you so desire. If you need to move the J-hooks for any reason to better fit the pannier on the rack, there are two additional holes drilled in the plastic stiffener. . Stretch the material on the back of the pannier tight and punch holes through at the chosen settings. We recommend singeing the holes with a hot nail to prevent fraying and spreading. Assemble mounting hardware and tighten. It is also a good idea to plug the existing holes with a nut and bolt to keep those holes from fraying.

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Pic 1
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Picture 3
Grocery Bungee adjustment


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