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General Information


Terms and Timing

Terms: 1/2 down and 1/2 COD or Net 30 on approved credit.  We accept Master Card, Visa & Discover cards.
Timing: Production will take 3-4 weeks from the time your artwork is approved and your deposit is paid.


Understanding artwork and the approval process

Artwork: Camera ready. We accept camera-ready artwork only. We cannot make any changes to your artwork. We send your camera-ready artwork directly to our digitizer in Los Angeles. They return the digitized artwork to us. We then embroider a sample on Cordura® and send it to you with an approval sheet.
Approval: If you are satisfied with your sewn logo we can then begin your job. You must sign and fax the approval sheet back to us. The approval sheet is on the order form.  If your logo is not correct and the mistake was ours, we will redo it. If it's wrong and it's your fault, you can either use it or pay to redo it. Hint: If you are planning on reordering the same job in the future, keep your approval sheet on file. It has all the information needed to jump start your next order.


Custom Bag Costs and Minimums

Digitizing: The cost of digitizing can vary from $72-$250+ depending on the complexity of your logo. The average cost is $90-$110 with artwork similar to the Jandd logo. Jandd does not mark up the cost of the digitizing. We add this cost to your first order.
Minimum: The minimum production per bag type is 6 units. Size is considered a bag. The minimum color per type bag is 6 units. Incremental increases in units of 6.
What? If you order 18 bags, you can select up to 3 different colors of 6 each. If you order 24 units (incremental increase) you can get 4 colors of 6 each.
Discounts: Discounts are available for the following order sizes. These discounts apply to the non-sale prices found on our web catalog pages.

Order Quantity Discount
6 0
12 5%
24 10%
48 20%
72 30%
96 40%
144 45%
288+ 50%
1000+ Please call for quote


Excess stitch and thread change costs

Excess Stitches: Jandd allows for 5,000 stitches in the cost of the bag. If your logo is very thread intensive you will be charged 10¢ per 1000 stitches over 5,000 per bag. Note: The Jandd Logo is about 4,200 stitches. It's fairly rare that excess stitches are incurred on bike bags.
Thread Change: Jandd runs a 3-color 24-head embroidery machine. You may choose up to three colors to appear in your logo at no extra charge. However, if you wish to have the machine re-threaded for a different thread setup, you will be charged $25 for each thread setup.
What? Let's say on your 96 mini wedge order of 24 per color, that you want a different thread setup on each variation in bag color. You would have 3 thread change charges for a total extra charge of $75.


Artwork & the limits of embroidery

Size: The actual size of your logo varies depending on the bag you order. Generally, you will have an area 1.5 inches high by 2 inches long. Aprons, of course, have a lot more room to work with.
Remember: If you increase your logo size you will increase your thread stitch count. This could lead to a very expensive project. Hint: To save stitch count you can outline objects in your artwork rather than filling them in.
Logo Art: A maximum of three colors of thread per logo. When you send your camera-ready artwork you should include a copy showing how you want your colors defined (i.e. The name in red, the biker in black, the sun in yellow).

Hints: The following is from the Jandd peanut gallery, we have seen a lot of do's and boo's.

  1. Avoid thin lines. It's OK in the print world of 1200 dpi but lousy in the thread world of 80 stitches per inch.
  2. Simple Bold logos read easier, especially when the target is moving. (Squint your eyes and read Bold simple wedges)
  3. Avoid the K-Mart shoppers look. Don't just put your name on the bag in some available font, unless the super cheesy look is what you are going for.
  4. Don't put your logo on expensive pieces if your intention is to resell the pieces. Keep it simple and on the wedges or use other inexpensive bags. Experience has told us the logos on higher-cost goods are great for corporate give-aways but bad for resale products.


Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to get my bags?

Jandd can usually embroider and manufacture your bags in 3-4 weeks. Please note: we do not start anything without the 1/2 down deposit. Also, please make sure your artwork is camera-ready. Finally, the approval process can go through many iterations if the original instructions are not succinct.

Can I get a copy of my digitized logo?

Yes, but it is not recommended for use on clothing or other apparel. The logo has been digitized especially for Cordura® material. Heavy hats are OK, but clothing could get ruined as a different stitch pattern is needed.

Can Jandd embroider shirts and other clothing?

NO, our machine is a 24-head unit made to embroider pre-sewn parts. Also, the logo is not optimized for clothing. We have tried in the past, but we ruined a lot of nice clothing.

Can Jandd embroider a small quantity of aprons with my logo?

Yes, for a cost of $5.00 each. We have a single head machine that can be set up for small amounts. You have a choice of cotton canvas or Cordura®. You also have a choice of regular or X-Back for the straps. You do not have a color choice, black is all we stock. The area you can have embroidered is limited to the chest area above the top pocket or the belly area between the pockets. If you order 96+ units of aprons you can have your logo wherever you would like.

What's the difference between Jandd Custom Bags and the regular ones?

Basically nothing-Jandd does not skimp on quality when we make a custom bag. We do run the bags with black thread only to keep the cost down on color runs. We even embroider the Jandd swoosh on the counterside of the bag. This way the customer knows it still comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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