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Instructions are as follows:

Attaching a Jandd Rear Rack is an easy task when these instructions are followed. The instructions below are for the Economy, Standard and Expedition Rear Rack mounting. Inside the black cloth bag you will find the stainless steel mounting hardware which includes 10 Button-head screws, 6 Ny-lock nuts, 4 Washer, 2 Extenders, 1 Reflector bracket and 1-3mm Allen wrench. Recommended tools to mount the rack are 8mm or 5/16" Wrench, 8mm or 5/16" Socket and a1/4" Ratchet.

1) Attach the stainless steel extenders to the slotted rack plate using the stainless steel button-head screws, ny-lock nuts, and washers. (Picture 1) Both extenders are somewhat flexible to accommodate most mounting widths. Make sure both extenders are between the slotted plate and the bottom brace as shown below. Do not tighten until final adjustment.

Step 1
Picture 1

2) Once extenders are attached, attach rack legs to the chain stay braze-on/eyelets using the stainless steel Allen head screws. Use the 3mm Allen tool included or perhaps a T-handle Allen tool of your own (Picture 3). Do not tighten until final adjustment. For bikes without chain stay braze-on/eyelets, clamps are available for proper attachment.

Step 2
Picture 2

3) Fasten extenders to the seat stay braze-on/eyelets. Do not tighten until final adjustment. For proper positioning of rack, stainless steel extenders may need bending (this may require taking extenders off rack). Extenders can be bent by hand or with use of desired tooling. A separate Wishbone Monostay Adapter can be used with monostay tube bikes. Attachment of the Adapter is easy and shown in pictures 3 and 4 below.

Step 3 - Picture 1 Step 3 - Picture 2
Pictures 3 & 4

4) For final rack adjustment, level the rack by moving forward or backward accordingly. For best results, align rack on a level surface (Pic 5). Tighten all fasteners to secure rack position (Picture 6).

Step 4 - Picture 1
Picture 5
Step 4 - Picture 2
Picture 6

5) Attach rear reflector bracket to the rack using the stainless steel button-head screws and ny-lock nuts. The rear reflector bracket is used to fasten a desired reflective device (Picture 7).

Step 5
Picture 7

Some helpful hints: Use of "blue loctite" on the fastener threads may help to prevent loosening from consistent use. Next, routinely check tightness of fasteners, especially when touring or commuting daily. Finally, a Wishbone Monostay Adapter can be used for bikes with monostay seat stays (Pictures 3 and 4)

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