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Mounting Instructions
Mini, Mountain, Large Mountain & Expedition Panniers

Fitting Jandd Panniers is not a hard task if the following instructions are followed. For rear panniers lay the panniers over your rear rack before attaching any hardware (Pic 1). Sit on your bike seat with your feet on the pedals. Rotate backwards until you have at least 1/2 to 1 inch of clearance between your heel and the front of the pannier (Pic 2). Hold the pannier to the rack and select placement of the hooks where the cross beam of the rack is between the two hooks. This will act in stabilizing the pannier. Picture 3 shows the pre-set holes for the setting of the J-hooks. The holes are located on the plastic stiffener underneath the nylon on the inside of the bag. Stretch the material on the back of the pannier tight and punch holes through at the chosen settings (Pic 4). We recommend singeing the holes with a hot nail to prevent fraying and spreading. Assemble mounting hardware and tighten (Pics 5 and 6). Picture 7 shows the finished product. For severe off-road riding, bend the J-hooks in on themselves making the two sides parallel. Be sure not to over-bend the hook, making it impossible to remove the pannier from the rack. Front panniers are easier to mount than rears. Front panniers attach just like rears except you don't have to compensate for heel clearance

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For attachment and removal of Mini Mountain Panniers and larger: pull the webbing finger loop on the "V" webbing system free from the hook and loop patch (Pic 8 or 9). Loosen the Tensionlock™ buckle (Pic 10) on the "V" webbing to allow the wire bottom hook to reach the bottom of your rack (Pic 11). Hold the pannier above the rack . Put the bottom hook under the rack bottom (Pic 11). Pull up on webbing strap (Pic 9); keep tension on bag and slowly lower pannier as webbing becomes tight. Attach the finger loop to the velcro (Pic 9).

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Picture 9
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Picture 10
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Picture 11
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Picture 12

To adjust for heel clearance, slide the dual Sliploks™ (Pic 12) along the sway limiter positioning track until you reach the point where your heel will not come into contact with the front edge of the bag. These buckles are set up to be difficult to move; you must snake them along one at a time, an eighth of an inch at a time. Repeat the procedure on the other side.

Adjustment of the dual Sliplocks system and "V" webbing system is easy. Remember these are right and left panniers so the systems are reversed when compared side by side as in Picture 13. Once you have determined the correct placement of the Sliplocks on one side of the panniers take its measurement with a ruler. Adjust the other pannier's Sliplocks to that measurement (Pic 13). Do the same for the "V" webbing system (Pic 14). Once you have both sides fitting exactly the same you have a custom fit set of Jandd Panniers.

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