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Front Rack Mounting for the Jandd Front Extreme and Low Front is easier than mounting for the rear, however following the instructions is still quite necessary to install the rack correctly. Included with the racks is the stainless steel mounting hardware along with the necessary Allen Tool. The Low Front rack comes with the following: 2 Button-head screws, 2 Nylock nuts, 2 Washers, 2 Hex-head screws, 2 1-inch clamps and 2 3/4-inch. For the Extreme front rack the numbers are the same except for the Button-head screws, Nylock nuts, and Washers which all come in quantities of 4 rather then 2.

Instructions are as follows:

1) Loosely attach rack to bottom eyelets of front fork by placing hex bolts through reverse armatures at bottom of rack. The armatures will come from below and behind the fork. If the fork is exceedingly narrow, a washer can be placed between the fork and armature as a spacer. Bottom Hose clamps may be used if no eyelets exsist.

2) Attach top slotted bracket to upper eyelets of fork. No bolts are provided since eyelet size can vary. (Pic 1) Any local hardware store or your local bike shop should be able to provide you with these bolts for the upper eyelets.

3)If your fork does not have any upper eyelets, you will need to use a hose clamp to attach the rack to the fork. Jandd stocks five sizes of hose clamps that should fit most touring forks, (9/16”, 3/8”, 1”, 1 3/16” and 1 3/8”). If for some reason these sizes do not fit on your fork, we suggest going to your local hardware store and looking in the plumbing section for adjustable hose clamps. With the top of the rack level, determine whether the bolt hole should go toward the front or rear of the bike (i.e., so the bolt hole aligns with the vertical mounting slot near the top of the rack). Place the clamps around fork blades with the flat side away from the wheel.Attach using the provided Allen head bolts and nuts.

Step 1
Picture 1

4) Make final adjustments of clamp along fork and vertical mounting slots to orient top rail of rack to a level position. Tighten all hardware.

Some helpful hints: Electrical or cloth tape can be wrapped around the fork at clamp location to ensure a tight fit and limited scratching of the fork and rack

Reference Picture 1
Front low mounted to braze-on points
Reference Picture 2
3/4 inch clamp for mounting low w/no braze-ons
Reference Picture 3
Clamp attached with Nyloc nut to the inside
Reference Picture 4
Front view of top clamp
Reference Picture 5
Front low mounted with clamps


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