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Optional Stay Bending Adjustments For Backpacks, Travel Packs & Lumbar Packs

Micro Stay Adjustment

The following Jandd packs have a Micro Stay in the lumbar support. The Sufa, Barad, Goliath and Dubie Travel Pack. This is a small 8" stay that is pre bent at the factory. This stay controls the pitch and firmness of the lumbar on our bigger packs. You access this stay from the back of the lumbar; it is in a small sleeve. It is easier to work with the stay once the belt is removed. If the lumbar is to stiff or does not ride correctly in the low of your back you should adjust this stay before attempting to adjust the main parallel stays. If you prefer a very soft lumbar you can flatten or remove this stay completely. If adjusting the micro stay does not alleviate your problem please proceed to custom bending the parallel stays.

Parallel Stay Adjustment

The 6061-T6 aluminum stays of all Jandd packs are pre-bent at the factory to accommodate most backs, but if a custom adjustment is needed, it is easy to accomplish.

1) Remove the stays from their sleeves. Take care not to lose the rubber end caps when removing the stays.

2) Have a helper hold one stay parallel to your spine and about 3" to the side. Mark the areas on the stay where you would like to adjust and gently bend the stay over the edge of a table or other hard, flat surface. Bend the second stay to match the first.

3) Have a helper hold one stay up to your spine and bend your head back a bit. If the back of your head easily hits the stay, mark it at a point even with the bottom of your neck. Bend the stay away from your head about 10 to 15 degrees at the line you just drew. Bend the second stay to match the first.

4) Place the stays back in their sleeves and snap the covers shut. Pay close attention to ensure that you replace them in the proper orientation

We recommend this be done by a trained technician. It is not rocket science, so if you are so inclined, give it a go. You can always get replacement stays if you really blow it.


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Tech Notes


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