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Mounting our panniers on a Recumbent Bike

The following notes and pictures from Kelly Green, depict an innovative use of our panniers. For those of you riding recumbents, this might be helpful.

Subject: Recumbent Panniers

Hello Dave...

Attached are a few photos of my Trice Explorer getting ready to go for a picnic. Jandd Grocery Bag Panniers fit on a Trice quite well, fit with a Jandd or Tubus rack. Non-drive side has a cooler full of cold refreshments,drive side has stools/pads and blanket. The Rac Pac II has spare tubes, handtools and, of course, the fried chicken.

All in all, Jandd bags fit well on 20 inch rear wheel tricumbents. Tight fit adjustment is negligible when switching from the 20 to 26 inch rear-mounting. Up and down fit is fine, just the front to rear fit is a little tighter due to the top of rack fit behind the seat. An additional clip has been installed on lower rear to eliminate "rack slap" when heavily loaded.

Anyway, I have been using your products for many years with success and enjoyment. Keep up the good work.

thx...Kelly Green

Photograph 1: Pannier on recumbent bike Photograph 2: Pannier on recumbent bike Photograph 3: Pannier on recumbent bike


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Tech Notes


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