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Tech Notes

Jandd Cloud 9
Fitting Instructions
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For years we have known that all daypacks needed to be made to fit the average consumBladderClip.jpg (54791 bytes)er. That of course includes burley men to lithe women to kids cCloud9_Size.jpg (35914 bytes)arrying lot's of books and everything in between. Now Jandd has finally produced a system that allows our packs to be worn by all body types. The system is called "Cloud 9" and the main component is the 3 sets of shoulder harnesses that can be interchanged (Pic1). While all packs are installed with the regular system, you can substitute the small or extra small straps at no cost (Pic 2). Extra webbing on the shoulder strap allows the pack to be dropped down on longer torsos and vise versa.(Pic 3) After final adjustment of length the excess webbing should be doubled back to prevent any slippage (Pic 4 &  Pic 5). The width of the straps at the neck is changed by an adjustment strap between the shoulders, military types will know this is the basis for an "Alice Harness" (Pic 6). On the front of the harness is a log sternum strap for added comfort. The strap can be adjusted up and down for better fitting.

cloud9_side2.jpg (91240 bytes)

DoubleBack_webb2.jpg (30653 bytes)

doubleBack_webb.jpg (49155 bytes)

For convenience we use a modular system on the sternum strap so that different tools can be attached to help the user(Pic 7). The system standard set-up is with a swivel D-Ring and swivel Water Bladder Bite Valve clip (Pic 8 & Pic 1). An optional Mag Lite clip can be purchased and installed with a knife or flat head screwdriver.

cloud9_reverse.jpg (53624 bytes)

SternumStrap.jpg (46214 bytes)

D_Ring.jpg (65331 bytes)

 All of the parts are interchangeable and can be fitted on the left or right strap (Pic 9, Pic 10, Pic 11 & Pic 7). On the under side of the strap the user will find DRI-LEX® comfort lining. 

D_Ring_Remove.jpg (50875 bytes)

LiteClip_Assemble.jpg (59377 bytes)

Lite.jpg (78630 bytes)

This breathable material helps keep you dry and cool (Pic 12). Currently the "Cloud 9" system is available on the Moreh, Aretz, Admon Book Packs and theCloud9_Drylite.jpg (14203 bytes) Tozi & Mogen Mid Size Packs. In the spring the system will be standard on all Bladder packs. And next summer the heavier packs will begin to transfer to a similar system intended to hold the stress on slightly larger packs. Note: Bladders are not included, unless specifically stated in the description of the packs.

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