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Jandd Packs Have Double Bottoms For Added Strength

Picture: Jandd Packs Have Double Bottoms For Added Strength

The main area of wear on any pack is the bottom. Holes are worn in the bottom of a pack when something hard inside rubs against something hard outside, with the pack material being abraded in between. We put an extra layer of material inside the pack to act as a slide layer, so a hard object inside the pack cannot chew into the material--it's also just simple logic that two layers will be thicker and more durable than one. So why is a Jandd double bottom so special?

Most companies reserve double bottoms only for their expedition pack series, but Jandd puts a double bottom on all of its packs starting with the Joshua (barely the size of the hoods on our competitors' packs) and panniers. It is definitely more expensive, but we feel obliged to go to whatever expense necessary to make the best products available.


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Tech Notes


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