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BEANS, AGAIN!!!!!!!!! The more we read some competitors catalogs the more we wonder how they determine the volumes of their packs. In the pack making game the ultimate goal is to have the lightest pack with the largest volume. To make a bomb proof pack you need to add some meat (double bottoms, reinforcement patches, etc.). JANDD ® packs in general are a few ounces heavier compared to other company’s packs of equal volume (if you are looking at catalog statistics), we ask only that before you buy, you make a side by side comparison. You might be surprised to see a competitors pack listed at 4700 ci next to a JANDD ® pack at 4200 ci that are identical in size, WOW. Obviously at JANDD ® we take our packs statistics very seriously. Our method consists of two tall boxes, one 5"x5"x60" the other 10"x10"x72" inside diameter, both with thick Plexiglas fronts. We pack the bag with beans, haul the pack up a ladder and dump them in the top of a box drop a precision fit tamper on top of the beans and measure the height. We then multiply the height by 25 or 100 depending on the box used and get our volume. (E.g. 20" in the 5"x5" box is 500 cubic inches (ci), 20" in the big box is 2000 ci). Simple, exact, and brutally honest.

NOTE ON DIMENSIONS: Dimensions are listed in order of height, width, and depth. Dimensions are for main compartments only, except where otherwise stated. These figures are meant as a rough guideline for size comparison as some packs are extremely complicated to portray in this manner. Some packs have more than 4 sides, tapered geometries and stretch, so a simple block dimension can only approximate it.


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