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Care and Maintenance


Should you break a buckle on your pack, please do not send the entire unit back to the factory; such problems can usually be fixed simply by obtaining a replacement buckle from a dealer, or directly from Jandd. Call your local dealers, and if they don't stock the buckle or spare part, call Consumer Service at the store number. This system saves everyone time and money. Please note: this applies only to buckles and spare parts not sewn into the pack. Permanently-attached buckles/spare parts might require that the entire pack be returned for repair.


Since the introduction of the Ideal melted loop zipper on Jandd packs thirteen years ago, we seem to have virtually eliminated zipper blow-outs. Occasionally, we have people who use their packs so much that they actually wear out the zipper heads. How can you tell if your zipper head is worn out? If you zip the pack shut and the zipper spreads open on its own, right behind the head, you have a worn out zipper head. The quick-fix field repair is simple: pull the zipper head to the full open position, then lightly squeeze the rear of the head together, top to bottom, with a pair of pliers. Take care not to over-tighten, as you will destroy the zipper tape. This should allow the zipper to close properly again for a few more months. To have the zipper fixed, please email Jandd for a return authorization form, also include pictures and a description of the problem so we can make an evaluation. After you receive the form and information about the repair send to the address on the form.


All split-grain leathers will have some color bleed when they become wet, either from rain, perspiration, or condensation. Extra care should be taken to treat all suede areas of Jandd packs with an appropriate water repellent if any moisture is anticipated.


We strongly recommend hand-washing our products. Washing machine agitators play havoc with the straps, plastic stiffeners, and foams in our products (they have a way of getting underneath the agitator and being destroyed). Our materials don't absorb dirt like cotton or other natural fibers, which means that they can be washed in a bucket of warm soapy water and rinsed off with a garden hose. Under normal conditions, air drying is fast because our materials do not retain water. Tossing a pack in a dryer is not recommended as it can ruin the waterproof coating. Leather handles should be covered with plastic before washing to prevent damage. Leather, especially after heavy use, can be kept in good condition by occasionally oiling with conditioners, available in shoe stores.


All bags sent in for warranty and/or repair must be clean. California law does not allow us to work on soiled bags. Dirty bags will be washed at a cost of $10.00 for volumes under 2000ci and $20.00 for larger packs.


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Tech Notes


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